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Great Race
This year Steve Keller , 23 Co, and his Brother–in_law, Brian Blood, will be competing in the GREAT RACE again.

2014 Great Race Car

This is the Indy 500 of precision road rallies.  Limited to cars from 1970 and back.  The race has been run for over 25 years and is an 8 day test of both the cars condition and durability and that of the race teams stamina and concentration covering 2000 to 2500 miles of precision road rallying.  Cars must follow a detailed set of driving directions at exact speeds for 3 hours in the morning and the afternoon. 

Using nothing more than a speedometer  and the 20+ pages of directions, the driver and navigator try to negotiate the course  in as close as possible time as the official time car.  Every minute a car starts on the course and then eventually pass by several time check points, locations unknown to the race team.  The goal is to be right on time at the check points.  The amount of time you are off from the “perfect” run for each leg are added up, reduced by a multiplier based on your cars age to get daily score.

Worst legs are thrown out to get the final scores.  Cars in each of the four divisions plus best overall car with a time closest to zero wins the cash prizes. 

In 2010, in their first year the Sharks Racing Team entered, they were not only the best rookies  but won the Sportsman’s Division.  That vaulted them into the Expert Division where they now compete against all prior money winners entered in the race. 

If you are going to be anywhere near the noon or Evening Stops plan to come out and cheer the team on.  They are driving Steve’s 1969 SAAB 96, car no 23.   Be at the noon location by 11 AM and at the evening stop by 5 PM.

All 100 antique racing cars will be on display and there is usually a local car show mixed in.

Below is the website and the list of stops.  You can follow the car on Face Book too at “Sharks Racing”   There are a couple other similar face book names so get the one with Car No23 on it.

R/Bill Holmes


Ogunquit, ME to The Villages, FL
"10 States in 9 Days; 2,100 miles
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