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The status of the Macedonian Monument rebuild is as follows:

  1. The Foundation was asked to do the contracting in December.

  2. We have awarded a contract for the in-situ laser scanning of the figurehead and the base and production of a new figurehead to Direct Dimensions of Baltimore. They are well experienced in laser scanning and recreation of monuments.

  3. The in-situ scanning has been completed and the data has been “cleaned-up.” We scanned the entire monument in place since we are pretty sure the figurehead will crumble when removed. USNA wants to use the figurehead in the War of 1812 art and artifact exhibit that will open in Mahan Hall on 1 April. The scanning of the figurehead and the subsequent milling of a life-size plastic replica from that scan data to be used in the exhibit was paid for by War of 1812 exhibit money, saving ’73 some funds.

  4. Three entities have “votes” concerning how the monument is rebuilt—the Maryland Historic Trust, the National Park Service and USNA. All three agree that the new figurehead should be milled from mahogany and painted white. This most closely replicates the original figurehead, a priority with MHT and NPS.

  5. We are close to a decision on the material for the base. MHT and NPU prefer concrete since that would be a one-for-one replacement for the current concrete base. USNA favors milled Indiana Limestone since it looks like concrete but is much more durable. Few concrete contractors are interested in bidding a concrete replacement base, either pre-cast or cast in place because of the complexity of the design and the probability of failure over time (just like the current base). And, as it turns out, milled limestone is the most economical solution.

  6. As soon as the decision is made on the base and we issue a mod to the current contract, you will see a flurry of activity at the monument. The work will be complete by the commencement of your reunion the first weekend in October.
Finally, I have attached an analysis that includes the sordid history of the figurehead. It makes fascinating reading. (Coming soon ~ webmaster)

Best regards,


Rich Goldsby '72
Associate Director of Class Legacy Gift Programs
USNA Foundation
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