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In the past couple of years through the present, the following has been brought to my attention:

The two West Coast ships on board which approximately half of us were assigned for Youngster Cruise, the USS Cleveland and the USS Vancouver, are on the official exposed to Agent Orange list.

There is a list of various medical conditions which the US Government recognizes that are assumed to may have been caused by Agent Orange. Here are two links of interest:

A yet unknown number of our Classmates are displaying the symptoms associated with those health issues and have sought health care benefits, and compensation from the VA.

If you were on board either of those two ships for Youngster Cruise and have any of the health issues associated with any of those conditions, you rate seeking immediate health care assistance and compensation from the VA.

The best course of action is for you to contact the closest VA Medical Center or satellite health care office, and/or a US Military Service advocacy representative for advice. We are also familiar with, and have on hand, the documents you will need to file a claim and how the process works.

You can email me and I will send the documents you need, as well as guide you on a course of action to take, and/or put you in direct contact with Classmate Bill Short, who can accomplish that. Copies of the deck log and manifest for the USS Vancouver sailors are here:

For those on the USS Ceveland, some photos and documents that might be of interest are listed on the Gouge page titled Danang.

All of this may be of particular important for those 73'ers who did not accomplish a USN or USMC career, and therefore do not have access to Tricare or VA health care.

Why? Because as long as you were on board either of those two ships for Youngster Cruise when they were in port in Danang, Vietnam, and you have the symptoms associated with the designated Agent Orange related conditions, you rate submitting a claim for health care and possible compensation.

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