Youngster Cruise Info from Randy Wight

Widgit recently collected a great deal of photographs and papers that document our youngster cruise and the port call to Danang, Vietnam. He has made all of this information available to all of our classmates.

  • China Beach
    Three photographs from Scott Haney of China Beach, Vietnam.
    China Beach 1   (.jpg file)
    China Beach 2   (.jpg file)
    China Beach 3   (.jpg file)

  • USS Vancouver
    Information from Wikipedia, the Dictionary of Navy Fighting Ships, and an e-mail from Francis Klingseis with an attached picture of the USS Vancouver in port in Danang, Vietnam.
    USS Vancouver 1   (2 Word .docx files in a .zip file)

  • USS Cleveland
    Two photographs from Francis Klingseis of the ship in Danang and Hong Kong, plus a description of each. Additionally, there is a National Archives LDP7 Deck Log from the USS Cleveland.
    USS Cleveland 1   (.tif file)
    USS Cleveland 2   (.tif file)
    USS Cleveland 3   (.txt file)
    USS Cleveland 4   (.pdf file)

More in depth info is available by request if you contact us via email.
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