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Macedonian Monument

Class of '73 Project ~ Macedonian Monument

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Update as of 1-14-13:

We're at 42%...not outstanding, but better than the norm of 31! With cash in hand and pledges to be paid, we have exceeded our goal.

Update as of 12-12-12:

Congratulations! With pledges and gifts in hand, we have surpassed the goal. Now we have 7 months to fulfill those pledges to complete our project.

Class Project, begun June 2010

As in the past, our project has three legs. This is to give classmates who are willing and able to donate more incentive to participate. The three legs are:

The Academic Center is a public/private partnership with a $1.2M budget, with about 40% coming from Foundation funds. Currently the Class of ’63 has “naming rights” for the Center, but the money we raise will support the equivalent of a tutor for 5 years. In all literature, the position will be identified as “Supported by Class of 1973”.

The Macedonian Monument is currently the most deteriorated on the Yard. And, of course, it backs up to our Class Bench. The government doesn’t budget for monument maintenance and we will be the second class to begin the monument refurbishing process. As we approach our 50th and join the “Links in a Chain” program, we will want to discuss with the leaders of 2023 taking over the responsibility for the monument (and bench).

The third leg of the project is $100K for the unrestricted fund. That fund is used by the Supe to jump-start new initiatives—like foreign travel, cybersecurity studies, and other emerging opportunities. It also funds part of the Foundation and Association’s operations. For those of you who are aware of the report of controversial use of funds by the Supe, none of the Foundations funds were involved!

The goal this time, $500K, is less than our last--$730K. But we have 3 years, not 5 to accomplish it, and the economic situation has changed since then. A concurrent goal in this project is to return ’73 to first place in participation among the ‘70’s decade. We have dropped to 7th place—totally unsat!

In summary, we decided we need to step up to the plate to support the mids and have chosen a three part project reflecting past (Monument), present (unrestricted fund), and future (Ac Center). We think this is in keeping with VADM Calvert’s emphasis on balancing the best of Athens and Sparta and hope you will give it you full support.

Additional Photos of the Macedonian Monument

Class of '73 Project ~ Macedonian Monument

Class of '73 Project ~ Macedonian Monument

Class of '73 Project ~ Macedonian Monument

Battle Arches at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium

Class of '73 Project ~ Battle Arches

Class of '73 Project ~ Battle Arches ~ Left Panel
Class of '73 Project ~ Battle Arches ~ Class Crest
Class of '73 Project ~ Battle Arches ~ Right Panel



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