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In Memorium ~ John Dailey
John Dailey

On 24 March 2012, there was a final tribute to our classmate, John Dailey in Virginia Beach, Virginia. John passed away on 20 March 2012 after a long battle with his opponent, cancer. Ernest Hemingway defined courage as “grace under pressure.” John Dailey remained courageous throughout his battle. An example that will long live with me.

Doug Leland provided a Eulogy that could only be characterized as eloquently perfect. He wove stories and the persona of John into a tapestry of who John Dailey was – a man of joy and love, which he unselfishly gave of both to everyone.

He always a smile and an infectious laugh that drew his friends and family close to him. John had a zest for life!

John loved the Naval Academy, Navy Football, flying for the Navy, the Bears, the Cubs, golf, writing and rock 'n roll . . . but most of all he loved his family and his friends.

The world will be a less interesting place without John Dailey.

Our lives . . . all of our lives . . . are richer for having had John Daily in them. I miss my friend and I have a void in my life that gradually will be partially filled by the wonderful memories that I have of John and our time together.



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