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In Memorium ~ Stephen Mark Dole

Stephen Mark Dole was born on 24 April 1951 on Staten Island, NY, and passed away suddenly on a business trip in Houston, TX, on 18 October 2012.

Growing up in Cranford, NJ, Steve was active in Boy Scouts, Sea Scouts and Junior Achievement, becoming an Eagle Scout and earning other honors in Sea Scouts and Junior Achievement.

Like most of us, a standout phase of life was his four years at USNA, building lifelong friendships and dedication to the Blue & Gold. Steve was an 11th Company Tiger, known for his easygoing disposition, consistent application and unceasing energy. Steve’s favorite sports were sailing (skipper), squash and rugby.

The most noteworthy event in Steve’s Midshipman career was Parents Weekend 1972, when he met Mimi Velie while trolling through the tourists near Mitscher Hall. Steve, ever the opportunist, spotted Mimi who was working a Parents Weekend gig, walked over and asked her name. Mimi, frustrated and not particularly impressed, waved him off. Steve responded by pulling up a chair and making it clear he was not leaving so easily. Mimi pressed him into service, eventually earning her name and a date to the talent show. They were married for just shy of 40 years.

Graduating the following June, Steve was off to Pensacola earning his Wings in January 1975. He flew more than a dozen naval aircraft, including the A-6, A-4, E-2 in both operational and training squadrons. Deployments included John F. Kennedy (CV-67), Nimitz (CVN-68) and Ranger (CV-61) both Atlantic and Pacific fleets.

Back to school in 1991, he earned an M.B.A. in international business marketing. He then began his own consulting business – IBD Group. He eventually migrated into the gaming industry, specializing in financial management of casino development projects nationwide. His real attraction was solving problems.

The Dole family moved to Southworth, WA, on Puget Sound in 1993 following his Navy retirement. Steve and Mimi raised two daughters, Elizabeth and Katherine, and two sons, Stephen II and William. 

He was active in church, local and national politics, hunter safety and coaching.

Back in the Puget Sound, he also strolled back into the lives of Class/Companymates, Phil Kiss and Tom Tritz, already in the area. He joined Phil, Tom and several other card playing cronies in their “Read ‘em and Weep” poker club for monthly games.

He is missed by many, especially his WA Dolies.



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