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We are approaching Homecoming and I believe the turnout for Air Force may even exceed that event. I'd like to spread the word about what '73's involved in in advance of AF so we have lots to discuss when we gather.

In order to keep '73 the most informed and involved class, I'd like to give classmates a single update on a number of topics of interest. With the topic, Iíve included our POC if you have specific questions.

In order of both importance and proximity, topics include:

Task Force 73 Agent Orange

To: Class of 1973 - All Hands
Subj: Our T.F. 73 A.O. Data Call
Classmates: The purpose of this data call is: to be able to account for and help any/all 73ers in need. We really need to understand the scope and depth of the situation. Our Class Company Reps have been asked to help populate the spread sheet (see attached) sent to them by 73er Jim Murphy ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

At an absolute minimum: populate the cells with: (1) The first and last names of our 73er Company Mates*; (2) the Ship he/they were on board for Youngster Cruise**; (3) Yes or No: are they in need of help submitting a VA Health Care Claim? *** That's it!

Any additional information collected and/or offered that is listed in the spread sheet is completely voluntary and will be kept in confidence by us. Jim Murphy is our Task Force 73 Agent Orange Data Base POC.

* Classmates who were with us through our Youngster Cruise 1970 Summer Training.

** Cleveland or Vancouver or Spiegel Grove.

*** If answered Yes, we need an email address for you/him/them.

Deadlines for the above #s 1 and 2: End of the 4th quarter of Navy vs. Air Force 07 October 2017.

Deadline for #3 is Homecoming: End of the 4th Quarter of Navy vs UCF on 21 October 2017.

Thank you very much for your assistance. Many 73ers have been helped in this critical regard, in particular since 01 January 2017, when Task Force 73 Agent Orange was officially launched.

Any Questions, just ask me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Best/ Bill/ Non Sibi.

Reunion 2018

Weíre working on an up to date schedule and some details. TBD. Doug Rice at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


There are a number of deadlines required by our by-laws and SHIPMATE publishing requirements, starting in November this year. The election will occur between April and mid-June next year.

Dirk Mosis has consented to conduct our process again. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Virtual Memorial Hall (VMH):

I should be getting a briefing on this at the early November Council of Class Presidents. Steve Ritacco, fir st brought this to my attention last month. He has agreed to lead our effort in populating an online Memorial Hall with recollections of our 10 operationally lost classmates. There is an Alumni Association link to this topic but itís basically under construction and should be available to use next month. The important piece is that they're looking for classmate recollections of our operational losses.

Steve Ritacco at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Another Link in the Chain (ALITC ):

2023 is only 6 years away and we'll be linked with them for 4 1/2 years, starting by December 2018. Hi, Classmates. While we are more than a year out to commence '73's support for the "A Link in the Chain" (ALITC) program with the class of 2023, we want to create awareness and understanding of the program while we have the luxury of time. Therefore, we are posting the current USNA instruction for ALITC on the Class website ( It will have some minor adjustments from the Administration in the coming months, but what you'll see here is pretty much exactly how we expect it to be when it's our turn.

The purpose of "ALITC" is create opportunities for current classes and Alum 50 years senior to bind. The events which you'll see in the Instruction have been formed to bring together the new and the "weathered" to demonstrate our commitment to service, to share our timeless values, and to emphasize the respect and concern we Alumni maintain for each other over time.

More to follow, but for now, check out USNAINST 1531.48B. Joe Stewart at

Distinguished Graduates Awards (DGA) :

We are in our second iteration of submitting a slate of classmates for consideration. The Class of 1973 Distinguished Graduate Nominations for 2018 are currently closed. The Class nomination process started last November with a class broadcast and was followed up by postings in Shipmate and on the USNA Class of 73 website. Nominations are due to the Class Committee not later than April 1 of each year. The Class Committee selection of a nominee is made in time to meet the Alumni Associationís November 1 deadline. Prior to that time the Class of 1973 Distinguished Graduate Awards Committee meets to review nominations, select a nominee and work with the nominating individual(s) to submit an application package that meets t the requirements for submission. The class guidance for submitting nomination packages can be found on the Class of 1973 website. The Class of 1973 Distinguished Graduate Committee received only two formal packages for the 2018 cycle. The Committee will select one of the two for formal submission to the Alumni Association for consideration. Nominations for the 2019 cycle are now open. Feel free to contact Tom Storch at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any questions.

National Aviation Hall of Fame (NAHoF):

Many members of our Class deserve recognition in this prestigious institution. Bill Short is pursuing this effort with a few great wordsmiths.

73 Power Prayer Team (73 PPT):

We established this non-denominational prayer group at the 2003 Reunion and it has grown and flourished immensely. The success of the Team has been unquestionable. For more info, email Bill Short.

Non sibi,
October 1, 2017 ​
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